Who we are ?

Pinnacle AmofahBa offers education advice and also recuit local and international students into universities and colleges nationwide.

For the past 20 years pinnacle AmofahBa has been providing support for students in UK and abroad to study.

For international students , our superb and excellent process is simple


Student Counselling Service

“As an educational career centre, we offer advice to students about their various educational options in the United Kingdom. We focus on individual educational needs, interest and hobbies, qualification, certificates and future plans. We guide you to the right path and recommend suitable programmes to meet your career needs. Students are offered various educational programmes for different universities and their requirements and procedures.”

Visa Application Guidance

“Potential students are guided through the application process to make sure the necessary information and documents are provided to meet the requirement of the universities in the United Kingdom. We work with the British Council to make sure we are updated with the current visa application requirement for our customers who wants to further their education in the UK.”

Accommodation Services

“We are privy to various accommodation options in the UK as our partners work with various estate agents to provide you with accommodation base on your budget and individual needs. We offer you the option to stay on campus, Hostels or outside campus through private rental with other students. We explain the pros and cons of each accommodation option with the student and we book the accommodation after payment of deposit is received.”

Scholarships and Bursaries

“Undertaking a degree or master’s programme in the UK is a big commitment financially. There are a range of scholarships and bursaries available to potential international students to make it easier for most talented students. We will also work with students to access these scholarships to reduce the financial burden. Once they enrol in the schools, they can also access the various bursaries the schools offer, and the amount varies for various university. Most universities also offer early payment discount where students pay their tuition fees early and take advantage of these special discount.

Professional Development Courses

“We believe the staff of every organisation is their greatest asset and that is why we want to make sure organisations get the best out of them. We can signpost your employees to the best range of work-based, professional and CPD courses in the UK that will help realise the full potential of your employees and add value to your organisation. We will work with you to secure the visa and accommodation for their short stay in the UK as they pursue these short courses and professional development.”


  • Our customers rate us very high, along with the various learning opportunities and academic support we offer them.

  • They value the assessment and feedback they receive from us through our initial meeting.

  • They feel confident and comfortable that their voice is heard and that we value their opinion during the selection of their courses and university.

  • Finally, they feel that AmofahBa is a place where they can secure their future through education as it gives them the flexibility of life.


UK is known for its quality education and thus on completion, your degree will be recognized everywhere you go.

Accommodation for most international students who study in the UK is usually provided by the university.  These  accommodation are usually student houses or flats with self-catering facilities.  The good aspect of being an international student is that you are usually given preference for place of accommodation.

  • A Level, NVQ Level 1- 3
  • HND Level 5 (For top up courses)
  • Nursing qualifications (Diploma, Certificate, and or Degree) – Please note that foreign qualifications should be registered with the Nursing and midwifery council

Yes, Matured students with the ability to read and write, but with basic qualifications e.g. GCE from UK , Ghana or home country (Matured students would in some cases undergo a 3 months skills course​)


“What I enjoy most about my contact with Pinnacle AmofahBa is encouraging students to reach their potential and develop their own self-belief.”

“I know that Amofaba is the place where my future was secured. It is a lovely community educational centre to be part of and contacting them is the best decision I ever made.”


Covering topics from classes to financial aids and settling in the UK

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